2018-My Take Off Year

Woah. 2018 is over! I know everyone says it.. but holy crap! Time is seriously flying by. 2018 was a rollercoaster for me. The winter months here in the PNW are typically pretty slow photography wise. It’s my time to make changes, set intentions on the next coming year, book weddings, and just check in with myself. So naturally my year started off pretty slow, which was nice! I really focused on what I could do to really make an imprint in 2018. I knew I wanted to take things to the next level, but just wasn’t quite sure on how to do it. I reached out to some fellow photographers and got some advice. I needed to find my groove, and my brand. What I wanted to pride myself on, what I needed to do to set myself aside from other photographers. I spent an embarrassing amount of nights brainstorming, nose deep in my computer researching, and setting goals! I tend to set EXTREMELY high standards for myself, sometimes I think a little bit to high. I’m my own worst critic, which can be good, but also pretty toxic! (-Side bar- 2019- be easier on yourself, Danyele!)

With lots, and lots of planning, I hosted my first ever Beauty Brunch! Which most of you probably saw! I’m still speechless. That was probably one of my favorite events I’ve ever hosted. If you know me personally, I love to host things!

The very next weekend I hosted my Tree Farm Mini’s! I had 8 families back to back! I met some new clients, and got to catch up with some returning clients! It was freezing, but was a total blast! I had hot chocolate, hot coffee, and some candy canes! I also teamed up with another local artist and provided each family with a personalized ornament! It was so fun!

Those were the two biggest events I’ve hosted business wise! I went above and beyond my comfort zone. I grew so much mentally just with hosting these two events. Mental growth is a huge thing for me! These two events also really set the tone for me. I found my groove, I found what I wanted to brand myself on. And truly what brings my business pride. So thank you to all of you who supported me in these two events! I seriously can’t thank you enough!

I also shot a gorgeous wedding that literally left me in tears. I’m a baby when it comes to weddings, and anything really personal. Which is another huge reason I chose this industry! After the wedding I had some really gorgeous senior sessions, a few quick, and fun family sessions!

That basically concludes my year. This year has really, truly built my foundation for my business. I CAN NOT THANK YOU ALL ENOUGH for supporting me, cheering me on, and really helping me grow! My clients mean the world to me, and I’m just so incredibly thankful I get to do this as a job. I hope you all have a wonderful New Year!!!

Xo- Danyele