DVP // After Dark


I believe in providing a safe space for grace, self-love, growth and true inner beauty is a passion and a gift I nourish daily and enjoy extending to empower women. My life’s mission beyond being a photographer is to inspire as many people as I can! It’s easy to get distracted in this world, to forget how powerful we are. If we’re not carefully conscious, people will try and dim our lights. And before we know it, we’ve become someone we don’t recognize. I've been there before, and slowly am climbing to the top to get myself back! We must always be looking for new ways to grow, thrive and shine in the beautiful glow we all embody. This usually includes doing the uncomfortable. It is only when we push through the fear that we realize it was a silly voice in our head telling ourselves we aren't worth it. We have to become self-aware of the negative thoughts that can bleed into all areas of our life. We have to protect and nurture this light! My goal as your photographer is to help peel away those layers of fears and redirect your mind. Even it’s for a couple minutes, my mission is for you to leave in the presence of your strength and beauty in a new way. You are more powerful than you think, always! I focus on areas that may be your favorite, but then will maybe ask you what your not-so-favorite areas are and pose you, so you can see it from a different point of view. After all, you deserve to love every part of you!